Good Food, Good Wine and Good Company !

These three things are important to all of us and coming from a Italian family makes them even more important.

On this site you will find family recipes which have been passed down, adapted and some times even improved. None of them are definitive as each family will have its own variation on what some people think are family classics.

In addition there are some new additions which I hope will become family classics for future generations to enjoy.

Please try some of these and above all enjoy them and if you feel you would like to contribute some recipes from your own family then have a look at the Contribution section of this web site.

In addition the links section has pages of general interest so have a browse and see whats around..

“Italians just want to welcome people by sharing what they have, however simple, in abundance. An Italian’s role in life is to feed people. A lot. We can’t help it” – Giorgio Locatelli